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Dr.phil. Lipi Paul,

Occupational Stress management Training

The word Stress, in the beginning of 21-st century,  is in every one's mouth. Pressure of time and pressure of achievement dominate the life of the modern meritocracy. Stress cannot  always be avoided. We live in a fast-moving time in which most of us have many obligations. To have Stress is not the real problem. The problem is that we often fail to relax between stress phases or forget to use other possibilities to diminish stress. But only if we provide ourselves with effective possibilities and strategies to cope with stress, can we be able to handle Stress efficiently.

To train the competence of employees, stress scientist Dr.phil. Lipi Paul, director
of the stress management institute has developed special stress management programs. Dr. Lipi Paul has integrated knowledge of western neuroscience and eastern philosophy to handle stress. The ability to handle Stress is the root of the success for  people at  work. This training program helps employees of an organisation to deal with modern achievement stress.

For constant advancement, one must adapt oneself well to this quickly progressing and steadily changing world.

"The effort to adjust with change signifies stress!"

However, the person has the chance
-to face changes in the personal sphere in an efficient manner
-to master new stress situations,

Purpose is-
-to raise stress tolerance and not to switch off the conscious mind under pressure.
 -to acquire skills to remain calm and concentrated during stress phases.
- to obtain abilities to convert pressure into positive, challenging stress.

We offer  high-quality target oriented Training in stress management.

Target group:
Executives, management consultants, lecturers, seminar leaders, coach for
Coaching, Training and Workshops in stress management technologies

We conduct educational courses

We teach
Professional applications of the stress management technologies in enterprise, companies and organisations to master stressful rush hours  effectively.

We offer you:

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