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Führungskraft Training mit Emotional intelligence

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Daniel GolemanPh.D.

With over 5 million copies in print in 30 languages, he author who brought "emotional intelligence" to the world stage (US). mehr...

Peter Salovey,Ph.D.

Researcher, author, and educator, Peter Salovey is one of the pioneering scientists in the field of EI; together with Jack Mayer, he published the seminal articles in the field in 1990. Salovey is Dean of Yale College and a Professor of Psychology at Yale University (US). ::

The (re)Evolution of Emotional Intelligence mehr...

Dr. Lipi Paul

Lipi Paul, PhD, is internationally renowned Scientist of Stress and Anxiety, founder and director of Stressmanagement Institute (Germany), founder and Chairman of Federal German Association of Stressmanagement...

>>> From “Burnt-out”  to inspiriting energy through Emotional Intelligence

Stressmanagement Through Emotional Intelligence. mehr...

Dr.Reuven Bar-On

Dr. Bar-On  is an internationally acknowledged expert and pioneer in the field of emotional intelligence and has been involved in defining, measuring and applying various aspects of this construct since 1980. The “Bar-On model” is described as one of three leading approaches to emotional intelligence in Spielberger’s Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology...

>>>Keynote DAY 3

Dr.Pieter van Jaarsveld

Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld is a registered psychologist, who has lectured at universities, and acted as visiting lecturer at business schools. He has been involved in HR in the corporate world for many years and is a recognised international consultant in leadership development...

>>> Emotional Intelligence & Wellness

Dr.Reuven Bar-On and Dr.Lipi Paul


Dr. Lipi Paul, Dr.Reuven Bar-On,
Dr. Jopie de Beer, Dr. Pieter van Jaarsfeld

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