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Occupational Stressmanagement

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Stress management Institute 
The educational house
for guidance, training, selfmanagement and
family education.

New technologies and quick data transmission change decisively the usual time structures of our lives. At the same time programmed and static stress reactions like escapism or retaliation have practically no place in our ever changing world. Occupations are being continuously streamlined  thereby creating pressure which is becoming bigger and bigger.. This development, however, offers new chances and new career opportunities in the field of stressmanagement  to fill up the resulting gaps created by the above mentioned development .

Communication mediation, coaching, management of  customer-intensive new service enterprises, consultations are just to name a few such new opportunities. Since 1999 the stress management institute of Dr. Lipi Paul has started to cater to these new opportunities , with specialised  training courses on stress management training. With this new future-oriented  approach, Stress management institute has become the educational house for guidance, training, self management and family education. Our educational concept brings out the latent inner competence of an individual with help of  individual specific  technical methods offered through our courses.. This newly acquired knowledge ensures lasting effect on one’s thoughts and actions.

Our seminars always focus  on the professional qualification and personal growth.

We conduct the following educational Courses :

We conduct Seminar, Workshop and Training for Leadership development, companies, organistions and for employees.

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